A Comprehensive List of the Top US Trademark Services

As entrepreneurs, we understand the value of a trademark. It is the face of our brand and serves as a unique identifier in the marketplace. However, registering a trademark is no easy task. It requires extensive research, filing legal documents, and waiting for approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Fortunately, there are numerous US trademark services available to help simplify this process. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top US trademark services. We have researched and reviewed each service to ensure that they offer quality assistance with registering trademarks.

Whether you are an individual starting out or an established company looking to expand your brand’s reach, these services can help protect your intellectual property rights and establish your presence in the market. So without further ado, let’s dive into our list of top US trademark services!

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LegalZoom stands out as one of the top US trademark services due to its user-friendly platform and affordable pricing. The company offers a range of plans, including a basic plan that covers just the essentials and a more comprehensive plan for those who need additional support.

If you’re looking for reliable and future-proof trademark services in the US, make sure to consider trademark clearance services 2024. Their expertise in navigating the complexity of trademark clearance ensures full protection for your brand.

The United States boasts a wide range of trademark services renowned for their expertise and quality. When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, it’s crucial to turn to the best trademark services available, ensuring your brand receives the utmost legal protection.

One major advantage of legalzoom is that it provides access to trademark attorneys who can help with any questions or concerns during the process. However, one downside to consider before choosing LegalZoom is that their prices can add up quickly if you require additional services beyond what’s included in your chosen plan.

Additionally, while their platform is straightforward and easy-to-use, some users may prefer a more personalized experience when navigating through the trademark registration process. If you’re considering using LegalZoom for your trademark needs, it’s important to carefully evaluate which plan will work best for your specific situation.

Take into account factors such as your budget, level of expertise in trademarks, and how much assistance you’ll need throughout the process. With careful consideration, LegalZoom can be an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable and efficient way to register their trademark.

Moving on from LegalZoom, another top US trademark service worth considering is Trademark Engine.

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Trademark Engine

At Trademark Engine, we pride ourselves on our simple and fast filing process that makes it easy for anyone to register a trademark. Our competitive pricing ensures that you won’t have to break the bank to protect your brand identity.

Plus, our free trademark search feature allows you to ensure that your desired trademark is available before you even begin the filing process.

Simple and Fast Filing Process

Looking for a hassle-free way to file your trademark? You’ll be glad to know that the top US trademark services offer an efficient processing system and user-friendly interface. The process is designed to save you time and effort, making it easier for you to protect your brand identity.

To give you an idea of how simple and fast the filing process can be, take a look at this table:

Step Description
1 Create an account on the service’s website
2 Fill in the necessary information about your trademark
3 Pay the filing fee
4 Submit your application

As you can see, it only takes four easy steps to file your trademark with these top US trademark services. With their streamlined and user-friendly process, you’ll have more time to focus on building and growing your business. Moving onto competitive pricing…

Competitive Pricing

You’ll be pleased to hear that you won’t have to break the bank when it comes to protecting your brand identity with these trademark filing options. The following are some of the most affordable options for US trademark services, based on pricing comparison:

  1. LegalZoom – Offers a comprehensive trademark search and registration service starting at $199.
  2. Trademarkia – Provides a do-it-yourself option for as low as $69, or a professional service starting at $199.
  3. MyCorporation – Their basic trademark filing package starts at just $99, while their premium package includes additional services for $299.
  4. Rocket Lawyer – Offers a flat fee of $399 for their complete online trademark application service.

These competitive pricing options make it easy and accessible for businesses of all sizes to protect their brand identity through trademark registration. And once you’ve found the perfect option for your needs, it’s time to move on to the next crucial step in protecting your business: conducting a free trademark search.

Without further ado, let’s explore how these top US trademark services can help you conduct an effective and thorough search without any cost involved.

Free Trademark Search

Before diving into the process of conducting a free trademark search, it’s important to understand the various factors that can impact the results. Trademark registration is a legal process that provides exclusive rights to use a particular name, logo or design in connection with goods and services offered by a business. It helps protect your brand from infringement and unauthorized use by others. There are numerous benefits of trademarking your brand, such as increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and higher market value.

When conducting a free trademark search, you should keep in mind that there are several factors that can impact the results. These include the similarity of trademarks, the type of product or service associated with them, and any potential conflicts with existing trademarks. To help you better understand these factors, we have created a table below outlining some common scenarios that may arise during your trademark search.

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The Trademark Company

At The Trademark Company, we’re proud of the quality of our services and the expertise of our experienced attorneys. Our personalized service ensures that each client receives individual attention and tailored solutions to meet their specific trademark needs.

Additionally, our flat-rate pricing model guarantees transparency and predictability in costs. This allows clients to budget for their trademark registration with ease.

Experienced Attorneys

Experienced attorneys are a crucial component in the trademark registration process, providing expert legal guidance to ensure your brand is protected. When seeking out a US trademark service, it’s important to consider the attorney qualifications and cost efficiency offered by each provider.

At The Trademark Company, our team of attorneys have extensive experience in trademark law and offer competitive pricing for their services. Working with experienced attorneys can save you time and money in the long run, as they can help you avoid costly mistakes during the application process.

Additionally, having a knowledgeable legal professional on your side can provide peace of mind that your intellectual property is being protected properly. At The Trademark Company, we understand the importance of effective communication between our attorneys and clients, which allows us to provide personalized service tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

Personalized Service

Having a legal professional who understands your specific needs is crucial when it comes to protecting your brand. That’s why The Trademark Company offers personalized service for each of our clients. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and therefore do not offer cookie-cutter solutions.

Instead, we provide bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our customized guidance will help you navigate the complex world of trademark registration with confidence. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can provide meaningful advice on how best to protect your intellectual property.

Our team has decades of experience helping clients just like you protect their brands and grow their businesses. We look forward to doing the same for you. With our personalized service, you can rest assured that your trademark matters are in good hands.

As important as personalized service is, so too is having a clear understanding of what services will be provided and at what cost. That’s why The Trademark Company offers flat-rate pricing for all of our services. So, there are never any surprises or hidden fees.

Flat-Rate Pricing

You’ll appreciate our transparent pricing model with flat-rate fees, ensuring that you always know what to expect when working with The Trademark Company. Our approach to billing allows us to offer competitive prices while providing high-quality trademark services. We understand the importance of transparency in trademark services and strive to give our clients peace of mind by eliminating surprises on their invoices.

One of the advantages of flat rate pricing is that it allows for greater predictability in budgeting for your trademark needs. With a clear understanding of how much you will be charged, you can make informed decisions about which services are necessary and prioritize them accordingly. Additionally, because we charge a fixed fee instead of an hourly rate, there is no incentive for us to drag out the process unnecessarily. This means that we have an added incentive to work efficiently and provide prompt service so that you can get your trademark registered as quickly as possible.

When it comes to trademark registration, every detail counts – from selecting the right mark to navigating complex legal procedures. At The Trademark Company, we take pride in offering comprehensive support throughout the entire process at a price point that makes sense for our clients’ budgets. Now let’s discuss trademarks411 and how they differentiate themselves from other providers in this space.


At Trademarks411, we offer a free consultation to help you understand the trademark registration process and determine if your mark is eligible for protection.

Our fast turnaround time ensures that you can receive your trademark certificate as soon as possible.

We believe in transparency, which is why we provide upfront pricing information so that you know exactly what to expect before starting the process.

Free Consultation

Get a free consultation from the top US trademark services to ensure you’re protecting your brand. Consulting experts can provide numerous benefits, including guidance on how to choose the right attorney for your needs and ensuring that your application is complete and accurate. By working with reputable trademark services, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your intellectual property rights are being protected.

To help you make an informed decision about which service provider to choose, we’ve created a table comparing the top US trademark services’ free consultation offerings. The following table highlights key features such as whether or not consultations are provided by licensed attorneys, how long the consultation lasts, and whether or not there’s any obligation to hire the firm after receiving a consultation. When choosing a service provider, remember that fast turnaround times are important but shouldn’t be your only consideration when it comes to protecting your brand.

Fast Turnaround Time

As we move on from the previous subtopic of free consultation, let’s take a closer look at another important aspect of trademark services: fast turnaround time.

At our company, we understand how crucial it is for businesses to register their trademarks quickly and efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed an efficient workflow that enables us to provide quick responses to our clients’ needs.

Our team prides itself on delivering quality work in a timely manner. We guarantee that your trademark registration process will be handled with the utmost care and urgency. With our team’s experience and expertise, you can rest assured that your trademark application will be processed and registered in no time.

Moving on to the next section about transparent pricing, we understand how important it is for businesses to have a clear understanding of what they’re paying for when it comes to legal services. Therefore, we make sure that all fees associated with our trademark services are transparent and clearly stated upfront.

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Transparent Pricing

You’ll appreciate how we clearly state our fees upfront, so there are no surprises when it comes to pricing. We believe in clear communication and transparency, which is why we want you to know exactly what you’ll be paying for our trademark services. Our pricing structure is straightforward and easy to understand, with no hidden fees that can catch you off guard.

To give you a better idea of what our pricing looks like, here’s a table detailing the costs of some of our most popular trademark services:

Service Price
Trademark Search $299
Trademark Application Filing $599
Trademark Office Action Response $399
Trademark Renewal $499

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality trademark services at an affordable price. With our transparent pricing model, you can rest assured that you’re getting top-notch service without any unexpected charges. Now let’s take a look at how rocket lawyer measures up in the world of US trademark services.

Rocket Lawyer

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use trademark service, Rocket Lawyer is a great option. This online legal assistance provider offers affordable trademark solutions that can help small businesses protect their brand without breaking the bank. With Rocket Lawyer, you don’t have to worry about complicated paperwork or hefty attorney fees.

Here are some of the benefits of using Rocket Lawyer for your trademark needs:

  • User-friendly interface: Rocket Lawyer’s platform is designed with simplicity in mind. You don’t need any legal expertise to navigate their website and get started on your trademark application.
  • Affordable pricing: As mentioned earlier, affordability is one of Rocket Lawyer’s main selling points. Their trademark services start at just $99, which includes a comprehensive search report and guidance from a licensed attorney.
  • Quick turnaround time: In most cases, Rocket Lawyer can complete your trademark application within 5 business days. This means you won’t have to wait long before receiving your official certificate of registration.
  • Access to additional legal services: If you need more than just trademark assistance, Rocket Lawyer offers a variety of other legal services such as business formation and contract drafting.

Overall, if you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to register your trademark, consider giving Rocket Lawyer a try. With their user-friendly platform, experienced attorneys, and affordable pricing, they make it easy for small businesses to protect their valuable intellectual property.


In conclusion, trademark registration is an essential process for any business that seeks to protect its intellectual property and brand identity. The top US trademark services mentioned in this article provide a range of options tailored to meet the needs of businesses at various stages of growth.

From basic filing services to more comprehensive legal support, each service presents unique features that enable companies to navigate the complex trademark application process with ease. LegalZoom provides affordable packages for startups and small businesses looking for quick and reliable trademark registration. Trademark Engine offers a streamlined online platform that simplifies the application process while providing expert advice from licensed attorneys.

The Trademark Company boasts over 25 years of experience in intellectual property law, offering customized solutions for businesses across all industries. Trademarks411 provides free initial consultations and a satisfaction guarantee on all their services. Lastly, Rocket Lawyer offers a variety of legal services including trademark registration at competitive rates backed by their satisfaction guarantee.

Ultimately, choosing the right trademark service depends on your specific business needs and budget. It’s important to conduct thorough research before making a decision as trademarks are crucial assets to any company’s success.

With any one of these top US trademark services, you can rest assured knowing that your brand is in good hands.

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What is a trademark service?

A trademark service is a service that provides assistance with registering, monitoring, enforcing, and managing trademarks.

What are the top US trademark services?

The top US trademark services include LegalZoom, Trademark Engine, MyCorporation, Trademarks411, USPTO, Thompson Patent Law, Gerben Law Firm, Rocket Lawyer, The Trademark Company, and Trademarkia.

How can I compare US trademark services?

Get quotes from multiple firms and evaluate them based on pricing, features, reputation, and customer reviews.

What is the cost to register a trademark?

The cost to register a trademark may vary based on the service and level of legal guidance required, ranging from around $225 to more than $1,500.

Is it possible to register a trademark without using a trademark service?

Yes, you can register a trademark by yourself using the USPTO website, but it may be more complex and time-consuming.

What are the benefits of using a trademark service over registering a trademark by myself?

A trademark service can provide legal guidance, expedite the process, monitor your trademark for potential infringement, and defend it in court.

How do I monitor a trademark to prevent infringement?

You can hire a trademark monitoring service that tracks potential infringement and takes action when necessary to protect your rights.

How can I learn more about trademarks?

Visit the USPTO website, read trademark blogs and articles, and consult with a trademark attorney.

How do I choose the best trademark service for my needs?

Consider your budget, level of support, and experience to determine which service aligns with your goals.

Can I change my trademark once it’s registered?

Yes, but it may require legal assistance and could impact your ability to enforce existing trademarks.

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